by Ullapul

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Written and recorded by Ullapul.
So many thanks to John LaVine, Cecilia Tallo Criado and Drust IV for their texts and narrations
Special thanks to Christine <3
Much love to my tiniest family.

(p)&(c) 2012 - Ullapul


released October 11, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Para No Volver, Cecilia Tallo Criado's forewords
Agazapado en la esquina más oscura de aquel habitáculo de hormigón armado, recubierto por el musgo, el polvo y el olor del reposo, el ser lamía sus heridas. Su cuerpo antropomorfo, desnudo, le resultaba ajeno desde sus ojos negros, como dos canicas incrustadas en su cabeza cérvida. El sabor a hierro, la luz del sol marcando las horas sobre la pared, el polvo llenando de vida con su baile los haces de luz que se escurrían por las rendijas. Con sus manitas blancas, suaves y sucias, rebuscaba entre la hojarasca y telarañas que recubrían el suelo. Tenía que quedar alguna evidencia, algún rastro de su llegada al mundo. Y cuando lo encontrara, abandonaría su refugio para no volver.
Track Name: Meanwhile, Mr John LaVine's forewords
...meanwhile, at the truck stop a jaunt down highway 27...
Willy & Jim Bob idly sip that motor oil thick sludge she calls coffee, as the four of them...
Shirley, the two truckers & Sherif Johnson, all wonder silently & in anxious unison...
what could the National Aeronautics and Space Administration possibly be doing in Syracuse, Kansas...
& why the sudden interest in grain?
Track Name: An Homunculus, Postscript by Mr Drust IV
But tonight, as he stretched out on the straw filled bolster of the huge timber framed bed, he delicately unwrapped the tight bandage that kept under firm constraint, an homunculus that had developed at an alarming rate from the right hand side of his waist. Through necromancy and witchcraft, some said, he had raised this monster as though it were a suckling infant, constantly feeding it with thin gruel and fool's milk, soothing and attending to it 'neath the sickly glow of a gibbous moon. This thing had now grown and was conversant in six languages. It had taken on a character of its own and though its survival depended on its host, it formed a strange relationship with its master, at times acting as an ally and confidant, sometimes behaving as adversary or bully. On this night, however, as the bandages were loosened and it became exposed to the outside air, it yawned, raised its stunted arms over its head and began to speak in soft, plangent tones.